Climate footprint data for travel products
We help forward-looking travel businesses communicate the climate footprint of the products they sell.
Example of flight emission data, Delta airlines
Example of flight emission data, Finnair
Example of flight emission data, United airlines
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Why Oncarbon for your travel business?
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Empower your customersWhat we deliver to you is climate footprint data on the products you sell. In bite-sized pieces and at the right moment to help your customers make better decisions.
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Cutting-edge mathOur calculation models pack the latest scientific knowledge and the best available data sources. We always disclose our math for the informed consumer to check up on.
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Delivered to your site or appGet the climate footprint data through our API or by embedding a widget into your site. Out-of-the-box visualizations. Always fast. No spinners, no waiting.

Better travel products should stand out from the crowd.

Example of flight emission data, EVAExample of distribution of emissions for a route

Few travel products today are fully emissions free, but some are definitely better that others. Oncarbon supplies you with the tools to help the more sustainable options stand out.

The exposure for low carbon options today will push for more demand and an even better supply of sustainable travel products in the future.

Here’s what your customers say.
Quotes from Oncarbon’s consumer interviews.
Consumers want to choose better.“If one option has a green light and the other one a red light, I would choose the green one, even if it was a bit more expensive.”
Consumers favour those who are open about the emissions.”If they are telling it like it is they are building trust: I would rather turn to a company who is open about these matters.”
A single CO2 number isn’t enough.”I’m immediately thinking if this is true: it would be nice to be able to get a breakdown of this number and what it means.”
Example of a hotel with a flight and emissions
Example of a hotel with a flight and emissions