About us

The story of Oncarbon began in 2021 in Tampere, Finland. With the pandemic in full swing and global air travel down 95%, we began to discuss the social and environmental costs of our travel decisions. By this time, Finland had already experienced most of the recent travel trends and challenges, such as flight- shame and micro-tourism, and air travel was beginning to be labeled “bad for the environment”

We decided to address this challenge. Our goal was to give airlines, travel agencies and their customers a tool to make informed travel decisions. This was the birth of the Oncarbon solution.

At its best, travel can do much good in this world. It can help build mutual understanding between people from very different backgrounds, move society in a more tolerant direction, and provide travelers with significant, sometimes life-changing experiences. Travel also provides jobs for millions of people around the world. And it’s a lot of fun, too.

While we want people to continue to enjoy the benefits of travel, we believe that awareness of the environmental footprint of travel today is the first step toward reducing emissions in the future. The earth is warming rapidly. Emissions from air travel alone account for about 3.5% of total global warming. The travel industry needs to change, and we need to travel more consciously, because if we continue to emit current levels of greenhouse gasses, we will exceed the 1.5℃ global warming limit agreed to in the 2015 Paris Agreement, and we will do so in a serious way.

The first step in this journey is to educate people about the climate impact of different travel choices. The second step is to empower them to manage that impact with reliable, proven tools. There is no room for greenwashing – talking openly about emissions is much better than avoiding discussion!

Our goal is to help airline and travel agency customers understand travel-related emissions and how to reduce them, without fooling them into thinking that the €5 they pay for carbon offsets will offset the environmental damage of a long-haul flight. We are committed to minimizing the harmful impact of travel and pushing for better supply of and demand for low-emission travel products. We want the travel industry to be more transparent and sustainable. We are not here to make a quick buck – we want to make a difference.

Meet the team

Picture of Julia Bondarchik

Julia Bondarchik

Past: Led science context and data management practises at Neuro Event Labs. Doctoral candidate at LUT Sustainability Science.

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Tomi Turtiainen   

Past: Led dev teams and built digital solutions for clients at Futurice. Created data transform library fromfrom and Robot Framework VS Code extension.

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Jussi Ahola           

Past: Co-founded and led the team and product at Tideal. Co-founded and co-built the design function at Vincit.

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Joanna Kocik       

Past: Journalist and media editor who led complex content machines, content marketing strategist at impactful startups.