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Travel has given us so much good. Unfortunately, it can also lead to a lot of bad. Now, we need to rethink travel.

At its best, travel can generate a lot of good into this world. It can help build mutual understanding between individuals from very different backgrounds, usher societies to more tolerant directions, and provide the traveller with significant, sometimes even life-changing experiences. Travel also provides jobs for millions of people around the world. And, it’s also a lot of fun.

All of those things are great.

Unfortunately, travel also leads to some bad. Of the harmful effects that travel has, climate change is, perhaps, the most pressing one. The earth is heating up fast. The emissions resulting from aviation alone account for about 3.5% of all global warming. Add to that the impact that all travel by land and water have, and compute the emissions that happen from running amenities and accommodation facilities for travellers.

The results are clear: travel, like many other sectors of human activity, definitely has a responsibility to bear. We are going to need to rethink travel – keeping the good, but minimising as much of the bad as we can. As the first step on that journey, it might just be useful to help people know about the climate impact of different travel choices. Otherwise, how are they going to know the good from the bad?

This is where we at Oncarbon step in. Our goal is to develop the gold standard for companies in the travel and hospitality industries to track and communicate the climate footprint of the products they sell. We are just getting started, and are working for a vision of a future where no travel product is sold without an emissions label stuck on.


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Picture of Julia Bondarchik

Julia Bondarchik

Past: Led science context and data management practises at Neuro Event Labs. Doctoral candidate at LUT Sustainability Science.

Picture of Tomi Turtiainen

Tomi Turtiainen

Past: Led dev teams and built digital solutions for clients at Futurice. Created data transform library fromfrom and Robot Framework VS Code extension.

Picture of Jussi Ahola

Jussi Ahola

Past: Co-founded and led the team and product at Tideal. Co-founded and co-built the design function at Vincit.