Carbon Withdrawal credits

Offer high-quality carbon withdrawal credits

High-quality, high-permanence carbon withdrawal credits to manage your customers’ flight emissions.

Help your customers manage flight emissions 

Still today, using Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) has its limits, and some emissions and warming effects from aviation have to be offset – for example, contrails and NOx emissions. Offer you customers reliable ways to manage them.

Example Oncarbon Airways itinerary. Emissions of 850 kg of CO2e.
CO2 withdrawal reduces 340 kg of CO2.

Avoid reputational risk

Carbon offset credits offered in the aviation industry today are low-quality. Offer your customers a better, high integrity solution that focuses on removals rather than hypothetical emissions avoidance.

High integrity solution, focused on removals
CO2 withdrawal reduces 340 kg of CO2.

Get a customized solution at a fair price

Together with our partners, we work with project operators and buy the credits at a fair price – a turnkey solution for you to offer carbon withdrawal to your customers. The credits are available through our APIs.

Carbon withdrawal option integrated to your site or app

Full transparency thanks to high-integrity emissions calculations

Carbon credits based on a diverse project portfolio

Smooth integration into your booking flow