Flight Emissions Calculations

Communicate flight emissions with ease and integrity

Automated flight emissions calculations, integrated into your customer touchpoints.

Convert raw data into CO2e

Oncarbon solution automates emissions calculations for one-way, round trip, and multi-city flight itineraries.

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Oncarbon Airways flight itinerary with emissions of 314 kg CO2e, 10% below average
Oncarbon Airways flight itinerary with emissions of 285 kg CO2e, 10% above average
Oncarbon Airways flight itinerary with emissions of 270 kg CO2e, 23% below average

Show your competitive edge

Data-driven emissions comparisons with other itineraries sold for the route help your customers make better choices.

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Example of emissions distribution for an itinerary. 270 kg of CO2, when the route average is 350 kg

See the full breakdown of the emissions

Oncarbon offers you unparalleled transparency of emissions and the calculations behind them.

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Itinerary outbound emissions. London to Rome, 270 kg of CO2e per economy seat. CO2 emissions 101 kg. Other emissions and radiative forcing 169 kg.
Outbound. London Heathrow to Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino. Wednesday, November 9 at 13:50. AY4231. Oncarbon Airlines. Economy class.

Automated emissions calculations integrated to your site or app

Flexible API integration into your web store or application

Emissions factors compliant with carbon accounting standards

Embeddable UI components for popular web frameworks