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Communicate flight emissions with ease and integrity
Oncarbon helps forward-looking airlines communicate the climate footprint of flights. Walk the talk and gain an edge over higher-emitting itineraries.
Example of flight emissionExample of distribution of emissions for a route
Why Oncarbon for your airline?
Example of a flight itinerary emissions
Example of a flight itinerary emissions
Customer expectations are changing.Increasingly, consumers want to know what the impact of flying is to the environment. 80% are willing to receive environmental information on the aircraft. 61% say the pandemic has made them want to travel more sustainably.
Openness about emissions beats evading the discussion.People are smart and know that flying results in emissions. Being open about the environmental impact of flying builds trust and can make them turn to you rather than the competition.
Show that when it comes to emissions, you outdo the competition.You run a modern fleet with efficient operations? In the run to zero-emissions, are you leading the pack? We have the data and tools for you to be able show that right at the point of booking.
Emissions information verified by a trusted third party

Oncarbon takes care of everything you need to start communicating the climate footprint of your flights. By integrating with us, the emissions information is transparent, verified by an expert third party, and easibly available at the point of booking.

Example of flight emission data, Delta airlines
Example of flight emission data, Finnair
Example of flight emission data, United airlines

Pricing for airlines

Right now, we are also looking for airline partners to work with us on data-swap basis.

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Get all of the below and more.

Emissions for one-way, round trip, and multi-city itineraries
Detailed emissions breakdown for all flights you sell
Emissions comparison to other itineraries sold for a given route, also by other airlines (launching soon)
Unlimited number of API calls (within fair use)
Easy integration
Embeddable UI components for popular web frameworks and in vanilla Javascript