For airlines

Carbon management solutions for your passengers

Help your customers choose better flight options and power them with tools to reduce the emissions through SAF and carbon withdrawal credits.

Passengers demand low emissions flying options

80% of travelers are concerned about climate change

Consumers increasingly want to know what impact flying has on the environment. The majority of them would welcome carbon labeling of flights and travel products.

5,000 leading companies have reduced their greenhouse gas emissions

Companies are facing increasing pressure to reduce their carbon emissions, and pledge to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050 – without offsets.

Consumers turn away from brands that don’t support their values

Consumers worldwide are refocusing on their personal values. For many, especially the younger generation, these include environmental and social concerns.

Encourage your customers to take climate action

Respond to market demand

Adapt to travelers’ demand for sustainable travel and use it as an opportunity to differentiate your travel products from the crowd.

Retain your customers

Airlines that recognize market changes are likely to win the sentiment and loyalty of their customers. Those that ignore them will be left behind.

No greenwashing

Offering SAF credits and carbon withdrawal credits isn’t another flippant slogan – it’s a tangible way to reduce emissions.

Example Oncarbon Airways itinerary. Emissions of 850 kg of CO2e.
SAF purchase reduces 510 kg of CO2. CO2 withdrawal reduces 340 kg of CO2.

Offer your customers options to manage flight emissions through SAF and carbon withdrawal credits

Flight emissions calculations

Display flight emissions information based on the latest science and highlight low carbon options.

Carbon withdrawal credits

Provide your customers with quality carbon withdrawal credits with high permanence.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel credits

Offer a “buy-and-claim” solution allowing your customers to claim the CO2 reduction achieved through their purchase.

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