For travel agencies and OTAs
The complete toolkit for communicating climate footprint
Oncarbon helps forward-looking travel agencies and OTAs communicate the climate footprint of travel products.
Example of flight emission data, Delta airlines
Example of flight emission data, Finnair
Example of flight emission data, United airlines
Why Oncarbon for your travel agency or OTA?
Example of a hotel with a flight and emissions
Example of a hotel with a flight and emissions
Your customers want to choose better.An increasing number of people want to travel with as little emissions as possible, or not travel at all. 61% say the pandemic has made them want to travel more sustainably. You could be serving these people.
Openness about emissions beats evading the discussion.People are smart and know that travel results in emissions. Being open about it builds trust and can make them turn to you rather than the competition.
A better future is built today.If your hopes are for a better supply of low carbon travel products in the future, it makes sense to highlight the best options that are out there today. Exposure will lead to demand, demand will lead to supply.
Cutting-edge math

Plane types, engine models, seat layouts, cargo, airport busyness… Unlike many other services in the market, our mathematical model for estimating flight emissions accounts for all the meaningful properties of a flight itinerary.

When it comes to communicating climate footprint to your customers, you're in good hands.

Read more on the methodology

Example of a two flights with shown emissions
Example of a two flights with shown emissions
Integration is a breeze
Example of flight emission data, EVAExample of distribution of emissions for a route

Our APIs offer a reliable, performant and secure way to get carbon footprint data on the travel products you sell. The no-nonsense documentation and embeddable UI components provide a seamless developer experience to get you started.

Pricing for travel agencies and OTAs

For 2022, we offer a competitive fixed monthly price.

949 € per brand/month

Billed monthly

Emissions for one-way, round trip, and multi-city itineraries
Detailed emissions breakdown for all emissions
Comparison to other itineraries sold for a route (launching soon)
Unlimited number of API calls (within fair use)
Easy integration
Embeddable UI components for popular web frameworks and in vanilla Javascript