Add carbon management to your travel packages

Make it easy for your customers to choose low-emission flight options, and empower them to reduce those emissions even further.

Sustainable travel is one of today’s megatrends

90% of consumers look for sustainable options when traveling

Sustainability is no longer a niche part of tourism but a trend shaping the entire travel industry.

7 out of 10 consumers have doubts about sustainable options

Consumers want to see a real commitment to sustainability, not just empty slogans.

77% of travelers lack the information which travel products are sustainable

63% of consumers would welcome mandatory carbon labeling of travel products.

Give your customers an opportunity to travel more sustainably

Build trust

Use data-driven calculations to become more transparent and openly communicate emissions resulting from travel.

Respond to consumers’ needs

Provide your customers with options to reduce their climate footprint with proven SAF and carbon withdrawal solutions.

Show your commitment

Offer your customers truly actionable options to reduce and offset emissions and leave greenwashing to others.

Example Oncarbon Airways itinerary. Emissions of 850 kg of CO2e.
SAF purchase reduces 510 kg of CO2. CO2 withdrawal reduces 340 kg of CO2.

Offer your customers options to manage flight emissions through SAF and carbon withdrawal credits

Flight emissions calculations

Display flight emissions information based on the latest science and highlight low carbon options.

Carbon withdrawal credits

Provide your customers with quality carbon withdrawal credits with high permanence.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel credits

Offer a “buy-and-claim” solution allowing your customers to claim the CO2 reduction achieved through their purchase.

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