Oncarbon Privacy Policy

This privacy policy explains who we are, how we collect, share and use personal information, and how you can exercise your privacy rights.
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Written by Jussi Ahola
CEO and Co-Founder at Oncarbon
July 8, 2022

1. About us and this document

This document is our privacy policy: its main purpose is to state what personally identifiable information We collect from our Customers, how We collect it, what We use it for, and how our Customers can exercise their rights to control the information We have collected from and of them.

When interacting with certain components of our Service, you must accept this policy.

As We serve EU citizens and are located in the European Union, We also operate under the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and are happy to do so. So, another purpose of this privacy policy is to explain the measures We take to comply with the EU regulation.

2. Definitions

For the purposes of this privacy policy, we feel that it's helpful to define a couple of terms we use below:

“Oncarbon,” “We,” or “Us” refers to a Finnish limited liability company whose legal name is Oncarbon Oy and whose Finnish business identity code is 3220851-9.

“Service” refers to the website and web application which We offer at, or any other website, web application or mobile application owned and controlled by Us.

“Customer” refers to any person who has provided Us with some personally identifiable information through our Service. It does not refer to a person who is, for instance, browsing our Service on their web browser, but has not explicitly provided us with their personally identifiable information.

3. What personally identifiable information do We collect and how do We collect it?

We collect personally identifiable information only from and of our Customers. To further clarify this: if a person who is browsing our Service is not a Customer, we do not collect personally identifiable information about that person.

All of the personally identifiable information we collect of a specific Customer is provided to us directly by the Customer, for instance when they submit a form. The personally identifiable information that a Customer provides us may include:

First name and last name.

Email address.

Company name.

4. Why do We collect personally identifiable information and how do we use it?

The reason We collect personally identifiable information of our Customers is that We may use that information to contact them regarding our Service. To be able to do this, We may store our Customers’ personally identifiable information in Our databases.

We protect the databases in which we store this information with passwords, firewalls, and other technical measures.

5. Do we transfer personally identifiable information to other parties?

We use some third-party services to store our Customers’ contact information. When doing this, We transfer personally identifiable information to these third-party service providers. Specifically, we use:

Pipedrive CRM system to store and organise our Customers’ contact information. This means that the Customers’ first and last names, email addresses, and company names are stored on Pipedrive’s servers. Pipedrive’s services that We use are geographically located in Frankfurt, Germany. We have direct control over the data that we store in these services, meaning that we can edit or delete this data when we want to.

As regards these transfers, We act as the data controller, while Pipedrive acts as the data processor. When transferring data to data processors, We take all measures possible to ensure that the data processors have high standards in protecting our Customers’ personally identifiable information.

6. Tell me more about the data controller

The data controller for the personally identifiable information is Us, Oncarbon. Here are some details:

Oncarbon Oy (Finnish business identity code: 3220851-9)

Domicile: Tampere, Finland


7. Who’s the person in charge of the personally identifiable information?

We all work hard to protect our Customers’ personally identifiable information. But to name the person in charge of this, it has got to be:

Jussi Ahola, CEO, Oncarbon Oy


8. What is the legal basis for collecting personally identifiable information?

The legal basis for Us to collect and process personally identifiable information is the consent given to us by our Customers when they submit their information on our Service. Again, we do not collect personally identifiable information from people who are not registered Customers.

9. For how long do you store personally identifiable information?

As We need the data for future reference, We don’t set a particular time limit on storing the personally identifiable information. If you want your information to be removed from our databases, please contact us.

10. What are my rights to my personally identifiable information?

If you are a Customer, you have several rights to the personally identifiable information we have collected of you:

A Customer has the right to access and the right to receive a copy of the personally identifiable information.

A Customer has the right to correct mistakes in the personally identifiable information

A Customer has the right to have the personally identifiable information erased

A Customer has the right to withdraw the consent to process the personally identifiable information

If you want to exercise these privacy rights, contact us by sending an email to, and we'll make it happen without unduly delay.

Picture of Jussi Ahola
Jussi Ahola
Building Oncarbon by day, sailing on an old 22′ boat by night. CEO and Co-Founder at Oncarbon.