Sustainable aviation fuel

Help your customers reduce their emissions with SAF credits

Sustainable aviation fuel credits are available through our APIs, and managed through a transparent buy-and-claim mechanism.

Offer SAF credits to help your customers reduce their air travel emissions

With the Oncarbon solution, your customers and business travelers can buy their seats’ share of SAF.

Example Oncarbon Airways itinerary. Emissions of 850 kg of CO2e.
SAF purchase reduces 510 kg of CO2.

Clear attribution to emissions reduction

The emissions reduction achieved by the SAF is verifiably attributed to the buyer’s Scope 3 and your Scope 1 - no double counting!

Scope 1
Scope 2
Scope 3

Benefit from buy-and-claim mechanism

We purchase the SAF from fuel producers and ensure that the fuel is fed into the aviation fuel distribution network at the right points. Both you and the buyer know what was purchased at what price and who is entitled to claim the emission reduction.

Our digital tools and dashboards keep the SAF microtransactions transparent

Easy access to emission reduction through SAF for your customers

Compliance with all relevant industry regulations

Easy integration thanks to our APIs